Formula To Turn A Small Trading Capital Into Fortunes.

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what is up guys this could you forex aka gbp emperor aka emperor of blues in today’s video i’m going to show you the simple but detailed trick that i used to turn a small trading account into a fortune right you might have possibly heard the story before but most people do not really know that exact math behind it so this is the first time i’m doing anything like this on youtube so you might want to take notes and then apply it in your own life maybe it’s going to turn your life around as well who knows so i’ve personally been doing well in my trading life since i quit my

full-time job and then started to go on a full-time journey as a trader so that was back in 2017 when i quit my job with the national petroleum authority and decided to go on a full-time journey as a trader i was literally a newbie in this industry had no mentor had no roadmap to even look up to but i just set myself out in this wild world to be a trader now on my journey as i just quit working with a corporate firm all the money that i had with me was less than two thousand dollars and i had to put all of it in my trading account now when i put that money in my trading

account i thought i was going to become a millionaire possibly like you know do well out of this trading account and then live my life of it i did actually do a living off that account but it was short lived for only about a month when i actually totally blew that account right so i’m going to tell you that story about how i blow that account later on but upon blowing that account it actually taught me one lesson which is go back to the books and learn how to trade properly things that are actually going to make me successful and work for the longest of time so blowing that

account came in very handy anyway fast forward blowing data kind of learning my lessons and then picking up from live again things went extra better from the year 2017 2018 until i had a bad rock again in 2019 when i actually lost everything including my car lost my capital loss literally everything i was involved in the car accident unfortunately i lost my brother i mean so rest in peace so many things just totally went south for me it happens right in life you can literally be at hundred next minute you’re zero but i came to learn subsequently that if you

take certain measures you suppress that big fall even if it so happens to come in terms of the future so the longer shot of it is that eventually when i hit that bedrock and i had no money eventually i was able to you know have a friend give me three thousand out of a car i was trying to sell and then from that three thousand i built everything that you see now ask you foreign so i’m going to show you exactly how money to build that 3 000 account and made so much fortunes out of it so when i got 3 000 i was turned between putting my trading account or spending it and then

guess what i put it in my trading account from the recommendation or advice from my friend so i’m going to show you typically how i decided to trade that 3 000 account so from a 3 000 a very rookie trader i would have decided i’m going to grow that 3 000 gradually take it to the next 20 so 3 000 yes ghana cities do not dollars don’t confuse it rookie you might probably be thinking let me just take that three thousand grow it to twenty thousand thirty thousand so on right and then try to grow that i can gradually maybe leverage it over leveraging or

using proper risk management i could take them forever or even not happening at all in a million years right but i approach it from a very different perspective i use perhaps my background from finance and accounting to actually trade the market and it was more like a very genius thing that i’d ever done so what i did was that i’ve said it before but i actually decided to treat that account like a petty cash which is like any profit that i make out of that account i redraw it and then a trader account again so i’m going to do an illustration for you here on how i

decided to trade account so here you have my trading account sitting at ghana city 3000 and i had decided that i am not going to redraw any money from this but i am going to always trade and then make profit out of it so i use my strategy which was then my scalping and day trading strategy and then with the account sitting at 3 000. i could have decided that every day i’m going to be trading and making profit maybe i’ll have been making five plus 500 ghana cities and i’ve been

making plus 200 and i’m making profit of plus 100 and so on and so forth and think or maybe minus 200 minus 300 you know just random profit and loss as most traders have in their trading account but what i intended to do is that rather than thinking i’m going to grow this account i’m rather going to be focusing on growing my bank account so that’s what most people get it wrong interested in trading right their focus or their goal is not to grow your trading account but the goal is to actually grow your bank account so with that mindset i said out here that well i’m starting afresh

with no money this is my bank account and then this is so my bank account was basically sitting at zero and this is my trading account so let’s see the one if i am trading that 3 000 i made about 900 ghana cities on that 3000 making my trading capital sit at 3 900. guess what i redrew that 900 and put it into my bank account so my bank account had 900 and my trading account came back to 3 000. then subsequently so i still have my bank account here sitting at 900

and then my trading capital sitting at 3 000. the next day actually lost about 800 ghana cities from this and then i have my failing capital system are 2 200 ghana cities now so at 2200 guys i only had one thing either to trade it back up or literally blow this 2000 accounts so one thing i failed to say earlier was how i decided to manage risk with respect to the 3 000 account that is something important i should share with you now the way i’d intended to manage risk was that with that three thousand

i decided that i have three chances and then with the three chances i’m going to be risking thousand dollar per day so you mean that plus thousand then that comes to my trading capital of three thousand if i lose this whole three thousand then that’s it on three trillion days then that’s it that was the formula i intended to take so the way i actually went about is that with that 3 000 how to properly calculate that i am actually risking thousand was basically when i put out a lot size

usually 0.1 depending on the trade setup then i would drag it to my stop loss and see that how much am i actually losing with a 0.1 load size on this out of the 3 000 capital right because i’m only trying to expose only thousand then if it tells me that with this you’re actually exposing let’s say 100 ghana cities right then that means that i can multiply 10 times of my lot size which is like 10 times of the 0.1 is eventually at that stop loss which may be probably let’s say 40 pips or 30 pips or whatever it is it’s actually going to make me lose

exactly 1000 dyna cities and that’s the best risk management strategy you could ever assume so yeah let’s go back to growing the account right so in growing that account after losing that 800 i’m bringing account to 200 then all i had to do is that traded back up right subsequent the next actually made plus 1200 which now brings accounts what 3 400 right now guess what i did i didn’t intend to continue trading the 3 400 from there quickly i just redrew the 400 and put that 400 into my bank account and then the capital came back to a 3

000. the next day i made about 2 000 again with the same risk management that i talked about so that means my capital came to stand at about 5 000 and guess what i had to withdraw that 2000 bring the capital back to 3 and put that 2000 into my bank account i kept up with this on and on taking losses trading it back up making profit withdrawing and putting my bank account and within a span of two weeks i’d actually grown my bank account to the tune of about 20 000 ghana cities before the month end i was well over 50

000 in my bank account and then subsequently growing it even up to six figure making about a hundred thousand and this has been one of the bedrock foundation that i’ve used and applied all the way till now that’s why sometimes most people realize i’m a small trading account like they hardly ever see like me actually trading up to the tune of six figure seven figure eight figure because almost all the time even if i set up a five figure trading account assist you get trading like a seven figure trading account whatever happens when i make

profit i’m going to pull out and then when i pull up it means that not give the capital the chances for compounding interest right so you’re not going to see that 10 000 grow all the way to 20 thousand and fifty or hundred thousand because at every instance any profit that i make i pull it out and put in my bank account where i feel safest the most right so the market is more like an engineered market for me to delve into poor profit or capital or cash and then dump it right into my bank account and then diversify into more stable investment like the real estate or any

other project that i’m handling yeah so this video literally runs your mind through the simple steps and process that i use to grow a small trading account into so much world and you can literally also follow the same example and then your life could also change if you love this kind of series and want me to do more smash the like button click on the link in the description to join the first telegram community don’t forget to subscribe to this channel we’re already hitting that 90k subscribers and then follow me on all social media special on instagram at

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