HOW TO START FOREX TRADING IN UNDER 10min. (Beginners First Video)

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what is going on guys this is called the forest akgp Emperor AKA emperor of Blues in today’s video I’m going to try my best to teach you how to get started in Forex Trading under five minutes yes a minute five minutes so before anything else I have a very exciting news for you now I’ve been planning to do this video for a long time but it has been quite difficult because mt4 metatrader 4 which is like the trading platform that we Traders use on our mobile version was removed from the app store which is the Apple Play Store so because of that we’re not really able to download it and

then we’re not able to tell new beginners to also find a way to download it if you had it on your phone previously you’d have been able to still use it but since it was unlisted that means that any new Android couldn’t have gone on the Apple store and then download it but the exciting news is that it is back right So Meta Trader 4 is back so now I can be able to go ahead and teach you the tutorials on how to get started in Forex Trading in under five minutes now first thing first if you want to get started in Forest trading the number one thing that you

need is a broker right a broker sells like a bank just like if you want to do any financial transaction you need a bank you cannot do a financial challenge without having like a bank so the same with trading if you want to get started in forestry you need a broker and I have a link in the description for you to sign up for the broker that I use right so first things first broker now if you click on the link it should take you to a page like this which is like XNX join blah blah blah and then you have to just sign up right so sign it up is pretty simple it takes you under two minutes

less than one minute it’s actually sign up right once you’re done with signing up you can actually log in right if you log in you’re going to see that your account is not really verified right now mine is verifies obviously I’m not going to have the same details as yours and you need to get your account verified in order to have smooth transaction right just like a bank account you cannot just go and open a bank account without getting your proof of residence and then you know your location available or details like that to the bank so in trading as well you need to also be able

to send across those information to the broker or just like your proof of residence and your identification card right which is like your your voters ID card or national identification card anything that identifies you any approve of residence can come in the form of your your bank statement or your utility bill right so you get assaulted their account is verified if you’re from Ghana you have an issue with that you can also DM me and then I’m going to assist you with that as well you can DM me on Instagram at kojo Forex or you can DM me on telegram at kojo for us I’ll put a

telegram link below as well once we have that out of the way the next thing we can do is just what create an account so think about creating an account as like maybe your bank is ecobank or Standard Bank but you have an account number right so in trading two even though you have a brokerage account you have to have a trading account inside the brokerage account so you come here right we have the real we have the demo we have the archive if you’ve archived anyone so we’re going to start straight away with a real account so I’m going to open aerial accounts and then show you

how it goes so first you have to open the real account here right you can choose standard standard sense raw spread raw spread if you if you plan or intend on trading about 500 then you can do any of this professional account but anything under 500 then you can use the standard account so you open a real account then um you choose what’s mt4 which is the one that I’m telling you about you can see that I’ve already checked the real account here you can choose leverage I recommend that you should of one is to 400 for now explain it later and then we

can make the account um currency Ghana cities because I’m from Ghana right so I want to demonstrate it for you to be able to follow so then you can choose an account with them as well so we can call this what emperor or Blues Emperor let’s just call it Emperor accounts right then you can create a password right so password as well let’s go right now that that is done out of the way you just create so you can see that what the new emperor account has been created here but it has no money at all in it right it has no money at all in it now how do you go

about to to put money in it you can just put money in it by coming to the deposit side right now you can see that we have several options where you can put money you can use the scroll you can use mobile money we can use bank transfer Bitcoin and stuff like that but obviously if you’re from Ghana mobile money will come as easy to you so let’s look at this if you click on the mobile money we can choose the account we just created which is this one which is also showing in the Ghana cities right so now you can deposit anywhere between 128 Ghana City to

4216 Ghana citizens account I already have some money in my account so all I’m going to do is I’m going to put some funds in there so that it shows you on the app as well how it’s going to appear so once you’re done with this but then it comes to the app part right so obviously you need to download the app and I’m going to demonstrate quickly to you how you download the app the app and you connect your trading account which you’ve created in the brokerage account into the app and then you see the balance that you have in there and then how you’re going to even trade as well

now before we even get into the app there’s another detail that is very important you knowing into the details about the accounts you’ve created right so you have to click on this settings button here and you come to our account information this part right here is very important so you can see that what your account server is xnx06 and you can see that this is your login details the nickname of the account is Emperor the account type is standard leverage and everything that you choose right so obviously you’re going to remember your own password but what you need the most

is a log in and then the server because you’re going to need it when we get to the app part right so remember these details now to get up on your phone all you have to do is go to your Play Store right so as my Play Store you just go to the Play Store and then you search meta Trader for so you can see you already appeared here so you click on metatrader4 because I have it already then it appears but if you don’t have it then you have to just um download it right now when you download it you come to metatrader4 this is how it’s going to appear right so you can see Meta Trader

4 here now how do you add the account before you add the account you just click on metatrader4 there’s the iPhone version this is going to appear so you can see these buttons that I have down here one two three four five right click on the settings part I want to click on the settings but it’s going to lead you to where you see various account that you’ve logged in but because you haven’t logged in on any account before what you do is you click on this small Arrow here and then it shows that this plus button is here so you click on the plus button to add a new account

so because you have also created the account already you go on to login into an existing trading account because we’ve already created the account in The Brokerage platform so click on the existing trading account then you have to come in and search what xness excess real six right so realize that what our server was real six this is the part that most people get confused about so being that ourselves to click on that 706 then we enter the account number right that we set remember the account number which is what one six one six three three nine eight zero right and

then the password which obviously I’m the only one that knows it and then we sign in so once you sign you realize that word now this is Ghana cities the account is zero so I’m going to push some funds into it right now let’s see how it appears right imagine that you’re doing this with a mobile manual so that’s how it’s gonna appear as well so let’s transfer some funds so you can clearly see that the amount has reflected which is a hundred dollars being converted into two thousand two hundred and sixty five Ghana cities now you’re ready to

trade right now since you’re ready to trade obviously you do not know any technical analysis that’s going to allow you to trade that’s why you have to click in the link in the description to join my kojo foreign telegram Community because at that point I’m going to be giving you free tree so that I can be able to make your trade decisions so that I can be able to make the three decisions for you for now until you learn the technical analysis aspect of the market so once you’re in the free community how are you going to be able to take a trade is that we’re obviously

going to be using our telegram group to send out trades so we have a question telegram group being displayed here it has over 60 60 953 members right and then um if you go on from here from join the telegram group the filter can be able to also join our country Forest XNX VIP group where people have signed up with excess and be able to go ahead to verify the accounts get to join our community for free and then we send them three signals for them to make money you can see the history in the community as well a lot of profits going on there so this is a typical way in

which we send our trade fssl we say sell GBP at we always trade instant execution right so sell GBP at 1.20 blah blah blah and I take profit you want to punch in the same numbers and stop loss you want to also punch in the same numbers right so the purpose so for the purpose of this example let’s just choose that we’re trading Euro USD right so you come to your us you click on the chart right so you see what I did there click on Euro USD you click on the charts when you click on the chat it’s going to allow you to see exactly how the chat is looking at any point that you want to

trade it right so if you want to trade Euro USD you see here at the top here there’s written trade so you click on trade then you click on the lot size that you want to use right so being that I just started this account with a thousand so unless I can trade anywhere from 0.05 all the way to like 0.1 right so let’s say I’m trying to trade um 0.1 right so a 0.05 so I put 0.05 there right or let’s even put 0.1 so I put 0.1 there and then maybe the the trade is telling me to buy right so what do I do I set my stop loss which is exactly what I may have sent to you set the exact

values there and then you said the take profit there is that values here as well right so for the purpose of this example I’ve not determined the stop loss and take profit so I just want to show you how it’s done now that you’ve done that then you can go ahead to click either the sell or buy then the trade will be executed instantly so let’s go bye bye this trade has been executed as you can see at the variable so you can see what by 0.1 running and then this is the trading account right so it’s currently in a little loss of 12 Ghana cities and then there’s no

history because obviously I have no close any trade so this trade is going to be running until it goes into profit or goes into my stop-loss region right so if it goes into profit how am I going to close it I can just swipe up like this swipe to the left like this click on this one this check mark here and then you can see what closed with I lost nice and I lost so obviously we won’t want to close but if it’s a profit they would have closed with this profit right here right so that’s exactly how you become a Trader now if you want to redraw so all you got to do is go back

to the brokerage platform and then click on what redraw and then once you read once you go on to the redraw button the very place that you use to deposit is where you’re going to also use to redraw so if you use mobile money to deposit obviously you’re going through to mobile money and then the same means as well right so this brings us to the end of this video I hope you guys really enjoyed it it was very straightforward and simple I hope to see you guys in the next one before anything after clicking the link in the description to join the telegram Community as I’ve said it

already smash the like button because today’s sponsor of this video is the like button as well and follow me on all social mediafra especially Instagram on Twitter I’m super active on there subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done that because I’m going to bring you amazing content like this without this matter how to see you guys in the next video peace

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