SECRETS To Becoming A Successful Forex Trader As A Beginner.

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what is up guys it’s because your Forex AKA GBP Emperor AK emperor of blue today I come your way with something very different it’s not usually like my regular kojo Forest coming to teach you something saying chat work kind of stuff right this is a one-to-one Teta tet with anybody that finds himself in that beginner struggling stage so I really want to establish with you guys some of the characteristics some of the attitude in fact some of the habits that you need to form if you’re really going to succeed as a beginner in this trading business so as you may already know I’ve

been trading in the market for the past 10 years I started trading when I was in my first year in uni all through to the year 2022 which is like from 2012 to 2018 to making me 10 years in this game so I really have a lot of information that I can share with you guys at any point in that but today like I already said in the intro it’s more like a conversational content where I’m really going to share with you insight about my struggle days my beginner days and then what you may also want to learn from those earlier days and perhaps seek to model after and then you may find

yourself being successful as well now one thing I have naturally noticed is that most people people think that becoming successful in trading or becoming a successful Trader is something that is ordained like automatically just when you start trading you must become successful it will not happen in a million years like if you do not really go according to that road map of a plan that every successful trade that really goes through you can be in this game it does no matter how long whether five years ten years perhaps even your whole life

and you’ll never see any day of success in this game so in my own little roadmap that I’m going to share with you number one as a beginner you must first prioritize their knowledge accumulate as much information as possible quite recently with my community hit 40K I opened the community to a chat group where we decide to you know conversate among ourselves share ideas Share Plans like ways to improve the community and I saw a lot of people literally asking me kojo how did you become successful and I shared basically every little detail that I went through in my beginner stage

to become successful and then number one or one thing that top-date was the dedication for knowledge so when you start as a Trader all you must do is that you must immense yourself with so much knowledge searching for so much information it does not matter your style of trading at that point you do not really want to say Okay I want to I want to be a scalper I want to be a date you do not even want to determine that yet learn the scalping strategies learn the day trading strategies learn the swing trading strategy learn everything submit yourself with so much information

Avail yourself anything that anybody wants to teach you just humble yourself learning whether it’s a YouTube video whether it’s some PDF files whether some recorded video sessions just accumulate so much information see things from other people’s perspective the next thing is that you want to see things from your own perspective after you’ve gone through all the stages of accumulating people’s information and then learning from this person writing all those things down in a very secret diary or whatever it is on your Journal you want to come back and look at the

market from your own perspective that okay as I’m looking at this thing as this person is telling me there’s this and that and that and that how does it make sense to my own self and then how do I personally see information on the market if you do not get to that point where you can explain things that are happening on the market for yourself you may just wallow in this market for a long time and nothing will make sense to you so along the line when things start becoming clearer to you like it did for me in the year let’s say 2016 17 there about you must cultivate insane working

ethics now most people underrate the working ethics that is needed to become a successful Trader most people think that it’s all about okay take your phone open your laptop look at the chat no no you’re competing with hedge funds you’re competing with financial institution your computer with institutional Traders and these people have insane information algorithms working in their favor calculations here and they’re calculated every bit of movement in the market and you think you’re going to be behind your computer on your mobile phone draw someone two staffs and then it’s

supposed to just make you money for the rest of your life like the underlining word is the rest of your life because you can actually just watch The Market within a span of a five minute ten minutes and then make some money make some blues and then you’re going to be excited a day or two but ask yourself can you be excited about this thing for the next one year can you still be excited about it for the next five years ten years 20 years 50 years of your life doing the same thing over and over and over again do you have that knowledge that is going to sustain the market

conditions over this time of period it’s not just temporarily just watching one thing and making one blue and then just being here very successful okay I made some blues no you must think about the long term so that’s why immersing yourself and then cultivating that insane wet ethics comes in here so you must program yourself and save your being under employment now with me I wake up still very early no matter the level of success or the degree of success that I’ve attained for myself I don’t compromise waking up early if I have to wake up to catch London session

I gotta wake up as early as 3 AM and start watching the market from three four five six seven all through to like nine or ten before I even take any little bit of rest that’s literally makes up for about eight hours of work if you were supposed to have been employed by a bank or supposed to be employed by any financial institution or any just Industrial company you’d have literally been working for eight hours what makes you think that you’re gonna work any lesser to become successful in trading it does not happen in a million years even though nobody is still on you

like literally controlling your movement okay do this wake up have you done this have you seen this report you got to be your own supervisor you’re going to be your own fund manager you got to be your own risk assessor you’re going to be your own everything you know CEO to disciplinarian and human resource manager that is the insane thing about trading one man you just have to assume the role of every organization that you may have ever assumed working with or anything and then be that one person that is going to now control your process from A to Z now you can’t

compromise growth when it comes to availing yourself to risk you know in this business when the business of taking risk you cannot be so conservative and think you’re going to make any money in trading sometimes you got to put your especially if you’re a beginner who does not really come from a strong background who you can just learn a thing or two about trading then you have your family members your mom that literally dumping one million dollars two million dollars on YouTube trade you’re obviously going to have to start with that 100 200 and if you want to

start with a hundred dollars 200 you’re not really willing to Avail yourself to risk putting yourself out there to take that necessary risk to make it trust me like it’s just gonna be a wild dream for you you know sometimes you got to push yourself to that very limit expose yourself to the maximum risk go all out and then sometimes not all the time a difference can made and then that difference can be that one time where everything just becomes so clear and then changes for good for you so the concluding part of what I’m going to leave to you is that you want to Avail

yourself as a beginner you don’t really want to sleep you don’t really want to be timid when it comes to you know putting yourself out there on the market just challenge yourself go all out leave leave your comfort zone and then success will find you so if you really love this very short I say motivational delivery you want to smash the like button also subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done it already clicking the link in the description to join the culture Forest telegram community and connect with me on all social media at kogo Forex I’m gonna bring you more and more of these

kind of simple straightforward talks along the line and I hope you guys are going to love it I’ll see you in the next one peace

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